Hens Party Ideas

5 Creative Craft Hen Party Ideas & Activities

A craft hen party is a fun excuse for ladies to get together and have a good time. Once upon a time, a hen party might have been a few ladies getting together during the day while their children were at school or having an evening out. Increasingly, they are becoming three-day weekend extravaganzas. Now, it is commonly known as a girls night out before the wedding day or a pre-wedding celebration for a bride and her girl friends. Having a super fun and laid-back activity, like making a craft, can give the ladies something to do as they socialize. This can help strengthen the bond and create a good memory (and a craft). Here are five popular hen party craft ideas you and your friends will absolutely love at your hen do.

Homemade Beauty Products

There are so many creative hen party ideas, beauty products are just one. There are plenty of beauty products that you can make yourself. You could make a mint lip balm or coconut body butter to enjoy when you get home. You and your fellow hens may even want to create your own handmade soaps infused with lavender or lemon balm. If you are feeling especially chic, you can even learn how to make your own perfume. Imagine, no more looking for the perfect fragrance when you can design your own. Handmade beauty products make wonderful party favours for bridal showers and wedding receptions.

Dress Making

Whether you are a novice or skilled dressmaker, there is a level of sewing workshop that is perfect for you. This idea was inspired by this craft workshop list. You can see that there are a range of workshops to choose from. Most of them are friendly for those who are new to sewing. You could do anything in your workshop from learning to read a pattern to making your own clothing. All you have to know is what you want to do. Surrounded by a group of good friends, a sewing class could be a hoot.

Jewelry Making

What if you had an elegant piece of jewellery to show for your day out? A hen do that not only teaches you a craft that you can use later but also leaves you with some pretty nice swag is sure to be a hit. Jewelry making can be anything from crafting a simple silver band to making bangles to using beautifully polished stones to create something unique. You will definitely walk away with a piece nobody else has.

Fabric Painting

Fabric painting classes have a wide appeal. In fact, if you are looking to incorporate little chicks into your party, these are great hen do ideas for all ages. A bunch of girl friends sit around drinking wine (or juice) and printing designs or clever phrases on clothing. Things that creative ladies have made in the past have included t-shirts, tote bags and even knickers. These workshops are so much fun that they are always filled with the cackling of hens. And, when you are finished, you can walk out wearing your project or have a nice gift to give to a friend.

Cake Decorating

What would the world be without cake? It’s not a world most of us would want to consider. What is nearly as much fun as eating cake? How about decorating it? Gather a group of your best girl friends and pull out your best hen do cake decoration ideas as you learn how to decorate cakes– or their diminutive little sister, the cupcake. Depending on the craft workshop, there might even be wine– or maybe you could bring your own. Not only will you walk away with a tasty treat, but give the popularity of decorated cakes, you may just walk away with a new livelihood, too.

If you are looking for an excuse to gather a bunch of friends together or just a fun activity to help break the ice for a group of people you would like to become friends, some of these crafty hen do ideas are a great place to start. You can go out or enjoy these hen party activities at home. You have the opportunity to socialize while attending craft courses and making something you will be able to enjoy later. But the best thing you may walk away with is new or strengthened friendships.

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