Hens Party Ideas

5 Popular Hen Party Gifts for the Bride

The run up to a wedding day is one of the most exciting times in a bride’s life, which is why friends love to celebrate the anticipation of the big event with a special “hen” party for the bride. A hen party is a fun celebration of the couple’s upcoming wedding, as well as celebration of friendship and the end of single life. It’s also a chance for all the bride’s friends to get together, cut loose, celebrate the bride-to-be and just have a lot of fun.


Of course, no hen party can happen without a lot of great gifts to shower the bride with. There are lots of unique gifts for wedding events available online or in stores, but hen party gifts for the bride can be a bit more sassy (or even X-rated) than a traditional wedding gift. Here are a few of our favorite hen party gift ideas.


  1. Beautiful Lingerie.

A bride needs to look stunning on her wedding night and beyond, which is why a gorgeous set of lingerie is a great gift idea. A lacy corset or body suit with a matching garter belt, stocking and sexy high heels will go a long way towards making the wedding night one for the ages.


  1. A Gift for An Adult Online Shop.

Yes, it’s okay to “go there” and get extra sexy and sassy at a hen party, which means a gift certificate for an adult online shop  is a great gift idea. A gift certificate will allow her to choose the toys that she and her groom will enjoy, all in the privacy of her own home. She will thank you for this, that’s for sure (and so will her groom).


  1. A Makeover and Makeup Gift Bag.

A makeup session with a stylist at a high-end makeup counter is a wonderful gift for the bride-to-be. A good stylist can show her some new makeup tips, and advice on what items will really help her upgrade her wedding day and honeymoon style. The party guests can chip in and go in on this gift together to include the stylist session, plus extra cash to buy some of the makeup and treatments recommended by the makeup artist.


  1. Special Robe and a Spa Day.

A gift certificate to a spa, with treatments like a massage and facial, is another great way to prep the bride for her big day. Including a wonderfully fluffy robe along with the gift certificate will make it extra special.


  1. His and Her  Glasses and a Bottle of Champagne.

This gift makes that wedding night toast extra luxurious for the newly married couple. Glasses with a bit of glitter or gold and silver detailing will add an extra touch of glamour.
A hen party is really a great way to give a beautiful bride the right kind of send off as she starts her married life. With these gifts showering her with love, there’s no doubt the party will be one she’ll long remember.

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