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10 Cheap Hen Party Ideas & Activities on a Tight Budget

Are you planning a hen party for a friend? Naturally, you want to plan a party that she will love and remember forever. But, you also want to keep your party budget under control. Fortunately, there are many cheap hen party ideas that are fun as well as memorable.

Making Cocktails at Home

Does the bride-to-be love to try the latest cocktail? If so, plan a hen night at your place that involves making cocktails. Find several online tutorials and provide the materials to make each drink. You’re sure to be laughing and enjoying yourselves as you try to recreate each recipe.

A Spa Evening at Home

Instead of spending money on a trip to the spa for the bride-to-be and all of her guests, go with an at-home spa treatment. Go to your local beauty store and purchase mud masks, hair masks, an assortment of nail polish, emery boards and other spa materials to make available to your friend and her guests. Set up some comfy chairs, provide towels, light some fragrant candles, put out fun snacks and cue up some soothing music to make your at-home spa a success.

An Old School Slumber Party

When it comes to the cheap hen do activities, this is one of the most entertaining. Put out the sleeping bags and pillows, pop some popcorn and get out the wine for an old-school slumber party in your living room. Remind the bride-to-be and her guests to dress in their cosiest pyjamas. You can watch scary movies, tell ghost stories and make s’mores in the microwave.

An Outing to a Local Farm

Some cheap hens night ideas are perfect for an autumn wedding. Do some research to find farms around your area that open up to visitors in the fall. You can take your hen party guests to the farm for a hayride, to find pumpkins, enjoy cider and maybe even walk a haunted trail. If your bride-to-be likes the outdoors this may be the way to go.

A Karaoke Party

Does the bride-to-be like to sing? If so, think about throwing a hen party with a karaoke theme. Perfect for friends who are entertainers at heart! There are inexpensive karaoke machines available online or you can rent one. Be sure to provide wine and snacks to make the gathering even more hilarious.

Café Hopping

Find out some great cafés that your friend has never been to and set out some great cups of coffee or other drinks to go along with your girl-talk session. A selection of cup cakes would enhance the party for lovers of sweet.

Host a Picnic

Choose a local park near a lake or pond and pack several picnic baskets with delicious foods for a hen party picnic. You can go with traditional favourites like chicken salad, baked beans, coleslaw and potato chips for your menu. Don’t forget the refreshing drinks! Pack some blankets so your guests can sit and enjoy the view. Shopping for food at the grocery store and making your own dishes can save on your party budget.

Take a Belly Dancing Class

Check your local dance studios for a bargain on an introductory class in belly dancing. Call the studio to see if you can get a good price for your group. This is one of those cheap ideas for hen party that’s both unusual and super fun.

A Backyard Barbecue

If you have got a grill in your backyard, then all you have to do is purchase food items to grill for your guests. Be sure to include both vegetarian and meat items on your menu. Music, colourful balloons and a cake can make this casual gathering an entertaining time for the bride-to-be.

Go on a Leisurely Canoe Trip

If you live near a lake, check into the price of canoe rental. This is a great idea for a unique hen party. The bride-to-be and her guests can take in the sights and have a few laughs as they paddle along on a peaceful lake. Bring along a cooler of refreshments to keep everyone entertained.

Money Saving Tips for a Hen Party

We asked hen and bucks party experts, PeachE, for their top tips to help you plan a hen party on a tight budget.

– Whether you plan to rent canoes, take a group dance lesson or reserve a party room, always ask if there’s a special rate for your group. You may be surprised at how accommodating many businesses can be!

– Book early. This tip is probably one of the big savers. When you book everything in advance, the price will be much cheaper. Often times, some activities offer early bird discounts as well.

– If you’re planning to throw the party in town, see if you can serve dinner at your home, then go out to a pub so you don’t pay for both dinner and drinks out.

– Be smart with how you plan out your itinerary. Try to cut down the number of nights you stay away for your hens weekend away. Squeeze activities into two days and stay away for a single night to cut down costs.

– If you’re planning to be away, throw your hen party on a weeknight instead of a traditional Friday or Saturday night to save money.

Using your creativity can help you save money and throw an unforgettable hen party for your friend.

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