Hens Party Ideas

How to Have an Eco-friendly Hens Party in Melbourne

As the population becomes more environmentally conscious, more people are making green choices. Being environmentally conscious doesn’t simply mean recycling your plastic. Making green choices in every aspect of our lives has become a priority. A number of people are even opting for eco friendly weddings.

Is your best mate having an eco friendly wedding, and you’re in charge of her hens party? Your mind might simply gravitate toward eco friendly presents, but there are additional options above and beyond merely eco friendly gifts. Green pre-wedding celebrations greatly complement eco friendly weddings. Go with the flow and incorporate these eco friendly hens party ideas.


What we eat greatly determines our environmental impact. Opt for a vegan hens party meal to lessen impact. Meat eating attendees may even see the food as a nice break from their regular routine.

There are a number of spectacular vegan restaurants throughout Melbourne, but a great way to dramatically green the hen party even further is to stay in for the evening. A night out on the town might be stereotypical, but many eco conscious brides go a bit against the grain anyway. Have a backyard barbecue or potluck to stay in control of the environmentally friendly products you use. Staying in also cuts transportation out of the mix.


There are a lot of, ahem, interesting choices to make when it comes to hen party gifts, but how do you marry hen party and eco friendly presents? Easy.

Be practical.

Most hens party ideas revolve around risque party trinkets and disposable goods that never have another use unless you have multiple mates getting married within a span of months. To cut down on the impact of your hen party, cut out the frivolous trinkets. Offer guests garden seeds as a party favor, and encourage others to purchase long lasting, meaningful gifts for the bride-to-be. The guest of honor may be green conscious enough to forego gifts altogether.


If you do decide to hop around to a few different locations throughout Melbourne, use public transport! Using public transport is also the safe option if you plan to consume a few cocktails.


Many think wildness and excess when it comes to a hens party. A hens party doesn’t have to be full of cliches and stereotypical stuff. Take this opportunity to shake things up! Plan something different!

Bring your mates together, turn off your electronics, and go on a camping trip. Tour an eco friendly farm. Book a private dancing class. Invite an acupressure specialist to speak with the group and have a spa day. If the bride-to-be has a favorite charity, maybe you can organize a special volunteer activity for you and your mates.

Make the hens party more about having a unique experience and less about stereotypical hens party events.

There are so many exciting options for an environmentally friendly hens party. We hope you can take these suggestions from Cover Girl Strippers Melbourne and plan a fantastic event for your best friend. If you decide to organize an evening in or plan something outdoors, be sure to order compostable, biodegradable plates, utensils, and cups!

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