Hens Party Ideas

Ready for Hen’s Night? : How to Do Party Makeup at Home

Are you ready for the hen party? Have you planned the perfect one? Now, it’s time to make yourself look good. Learning how to do party makeup at home is easier than you think! Learn how with the following steps.


  1. Eye makeup – Start with your eye makeup, as this will be the most dramatic part of your sassy look. A good eye primer is key to start with, so apply it from lid to brow bone using your finger. From there, take a neutral shadow a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone and apply it on the lid with a flat brush. Now you want to create some depth, so take a small pointed brush with a black eyeshadow and follow the crease of the outer third of your eyelid. Blend this in well, then drag the color from the edge down your lid, creating a sideways “v”. Using that same brush, line the bottom lid, going about one-third of the way in. Now take a liquid eyeliner and line your upper lid from the inner corner to the outer corner. Thicken it from the halfway point to produce a beautiful wing effect. Curl those luxurious lashes, coat on some mascara, and voila, super glam party eyes!


  1. Brows – Filling in your eyebrows does not have to be intimidating. If your hair is dark, use a powder that is one or two shades darker than your natural color. If your hair is light, go the opposite route and use a powder that is one or two shades lighter. Take a slanted brush to the natural arch of your brows first, and define it with the powder. Follow the tail of your brow, then finally fill in the inner third and you’re all set.


  1. Face makeup – Now that your eye makeup is party ready, onto that gorgeous face! Taking a duo fiber brush, apply primer such as Tuya Cosmetics Mineral Prepping Primer to keep make up secure and fresh all night then apply your foundation in a stippling, or dotting, motion from your nose to the outer edges of your face. Set this with a powder. Mineral blushers will add a healthy glow to those cheeks, so smile big and sweep them on!


  1. Lips – Keeping your lip neutral is preferred as your eyes will be the bold focal point of your look. Hydrate your lips with some moisturizing chapstick first and foremost. You can also apply a primer for this, but a lip liner alone will keep those lips kissable all night long. Lining your lips is simple, just be sure to keep the color the same as your lipstick. Just follow your natural lip line from the middle out, then go over it with your lipstick. We’re almost done!


  1. Hair – No party look is complete without a funky hairstyle! Taking your thumbs, go right above the arch of your eyebrow and section off that chunk of hair in the middle. Take one inch sections and wrap them around a clipless curler, then pin them to your head to cool. A regular curling iron will work for this as well, just don’t bother with the clip. Do that all the way down this section, then the same down the sides. Once all of your hair is curled and clipped, spritz it with hairspray, let that dry, then unclip from the bottom up. Tease that mane for a truly rocking’ look!


With your lipstick and curls all set, you are ready to hit the town with your gorgeous look!

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