Hens Party Ideas

The Top 5 for a Hen Night Ideas in Sydney Harbour

Looking for a perfect Hen’s evening in Sydney Harbour? Then you’ve come to the right place. Sydney Harbour has so many amazing activities for your unforgettable evening, that I am going to give you the top 5 pics for your perfect Hen night!!


  1. Stripper Cruises

Want a hot evening for your Hen’s evening? Then consider a stripper cruise. A Sydney bucks party cruise would be a perfect way to go. These cruises offer a 3 course meals, buffets, and hot strippers! What could be more perfect for that unforgettable last night as a single women Hen’s night?


  1. Party cruises

Another fun Hen’s night activity would be to organise a party cruise in Sydney. Some of these cruises allow you to BYO food and drinks to cut down on the cost. This is perfect if you want to have an amazing time, but are on a budget. They can last for up to 4 hours and give you a beautiful panoramic view of the beautiful harbour. If you schedule the cruise during the day, you can drop anchor and go for a relaxing swim.


  1. Murder Mystery Party for Hen’s Night

If you want to add a little mystery to your Hen’s night, then consider a murder mystery party. This is a great way to get your group going. They will even come to you! Wherever you want to host your Hen’s night, most of these events will come straight to you. It’s a unique way to get your entire party to interact and have fun together!


  1. Sexy Burlesque Show and Dinner

Not super comfortable with strippers, but still want to enjoy a view of some hot men? Then a burlesque show is the perfect way to go. You get an evening of a fun show and dinner all in one. An evening full of hot men dancing, singing, drinks, and food makes a great Hen’s night! This is one to post pictures to your social media and show everyone what an amazing experience you are having!


  1. Pub Crawl

18 holes a game for you? What could be a better way to spend a Hen’s night? This is the perfect event if you want variety. So many people just want to go to one place, while others want to enjoy many different places. This is perfect. The setting changes, no one will get bored, and you get a fun filled night out with all of your girlfriends. A great pub crawl is always exciting! Experience the many different pubs and drinks of Sydney, all while celebrating your last night out as a single woman!!
If you are wanting to have an awesome Hen’s night in Sydney then you couldn’t go wrong with any of these activities. Each activity has something for anyone to enjoy! Get your girls together and pick one of these amazing nights! Cruises, dinners, drinks, and fun all make for an incredible way to have the most amazing Hen’s night a girl could ever ask for!

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