Hens Party Ideas

Top 5 Unique and Stylish Hen Party Ideas for Small Groups


Your hen party should be an event that the entire wedding party remembers for the rest of their lives. It’s a chance to bond with your female friends and family members before the bride’s life changes in a hundred different ways. The hen do should fit her personality and cater to things she loves and will enjoy tremendously. It can be hard to come up with ideas for hens parties, but these stylish hen party ideas should do the trick.



When it comes to hen party ideas for small groups, learning a dance activity can be amazing fun. The night itself will be a blast, but it’s a skill that can be shown off in the future. From learning to pole dance like a professional exotic dancer to belly dancing, choose a dance style that will appeal to the bride as well as the rest of the party. Classes could include sexy Burlesque lessons, salsa dancing or sensual flamenco. The classes should be fun for the entire group as well as being a change of pace from the traditional hen night.


Unique Food Experience

Instead of sitting down to a boring meal in a local restaurant, have your hen party at a medieval banquet while watching knights jousting and funny court jesters entertaining the king. Whether the bride is a history buff or not, she’ll enjoy the sumptuous food and the unique experience. If jousting doesn’t fit the bill, she might enjoy a classy afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches. While this might lead to wild activities later, stylish hen parties ideas like this will help you get to know the entire group of ladies that will be serving as the bridal party. You can all enjoy an afternoon of conversation and cakes.



With a day of pampering, the bride and the rest of her party will feel like princesses. Between planning for the wedding and leading busy lives, many brides don’t have the time to really relax and pamper themselves. A day of spa treatments, oil massages and complete makeovers can make her feel like the most important woman in the world. It’s a great way to show the bridal party that they’re appreciated too. If it’s schedule close to the wedding day, it’ll help the wedding party shine on the big day. The day of spa treatments and massages could include a photo shoot afterwards where the entire party gets glamorous and has photos to remember the special day together.


Adventurous Party

It’s usually the men who are headed for parties filled with adventurous activities, but there’s no reason the women can’t enjoy a session of paintball or archery. The entire bridal party can attend an assault course where they learn to defend themselves. It’s a life skill that many women should learn to keep themselves safe from harm. It’s also an activity that is appropriate for the mother of the bride and older ladies too. It’s never too late to learn self-defense. If the bride loves horses, you can book a horse riding party with a guide to take the party on a hike through the woods. White water rafting is becoming increasingly popular for hen parties too. Don’t think that the hen party has to sit out of adventurous sports and activities that are normally reserved for bucks party activities. Women can enjoy them too.



The traditional hen party is filled with male strippers and topless waiters to cater to the bride before her special day. You can seek out the suggestions from the professional male strippers such as Darren, a talented and experienced party planner from Melbourne. The party could be for her alone in a private location like the maid of honor’s house, or the entire bridal party can make a night of it on the town. The group can spend the night hopping from one club to another to experience the many flavors of male strippers that are available to the women of the bridal party, or they could spend the night in one location enjoying everything the strippers have to offer.

Whether you choose a traditional hen party with strippers or a stylish day of pampering or afternoon tea, the activity should fit with the bride’s personality. You shouldn’t take her out for a day of archery if she isn’t into outdoor activities. The venue should fit with what she loves.

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